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Top Tips for Op-Shop Shopping

Top Tips for Op-Shop Shopping

It has taken me years to reconcile the fact that I can open Lumen Clothing AND still be a good person!

The fashion industry is in dire need of a shake -up.  Less waste, less resources, more money going to the workers.

I have managed to fix a few of these issues in my own fashion world, but one of the things YOU can do is buy less, and recycle & reuse more. Op-shop.

2018 Lookbook Photo Shoot

2018 Lookbook Photo Shoot
Lumen Clothing had their 2018 lookbook photo shoot in Wellington.  The dark, rainy day was perfect conditions to demonstrate the reflective nature of the garments.

COMING SOON - E-Store opening shortly

Lumen Clothing Workroom

Lumen Clothing Workroom Wellington City

I feel like Santa, busying myself in the workroom, getting ready for the big day! 

Here at Lumen we are creating a beautiful range of everyday clothes with reflective accents, so when the day turns to night, you light up and be noticed...because life is too short not to shine.