COMING SOON - E-Store opening shortly

Lumen Clothing Workroom in Wellington City

I feel like Santa, busying myself in the workroom, getting ready for the big day! 

Here at Lumen we are creating a beautiful range of everyday clothes with reflective accents, so when the day turns to night, you light up and be noticed...because life is too short not to shine.

The hi-tech 3M retro-reflective fabric we use, is also used on hi-vis regulation garments.  Lumen creates amazing and different accents to highlight your beautiful garments while also reflecting the light back to the light source.

We are proud to be a New Zealand company and design and make all our garments in NZ.  It has been an important journey for us to recognise the amazing talent of workers in New Zealand and encourage end users, and consumers (YOU!) to do the same. If we don't use it, we loose it, so we believe using NZ workers is an integral part of our business focus and the future of local, beautiful slow fashion.

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