Lumen Collection Inspired by the International Year of the Periodic Table

Lumen Clothing's inspiration, International Year of the Periodic Table 2019

I'm not quite sure why I was so excited to see that UNESCO declared 2019 the International Year of the Periodic Table, as the 150th anniversary of the table of chemical elements.

Perhaps it took me back to by 5th form chemistry days of rote-learning the periodic table or perhaps it was a chance to excite my 10 year old daughter into chemistry.  I hope she will be a STEM girl, with the confidence and inquisitiveness to enjoy the sciences and technology over the next few years. Nanogirl, Dr. Michelle Dickinson certainly has been an inspiring force in our household.

None-the-less, I was very excited and began to recite the first twenty elements off by heart after all those years!

Anyway - here we are with a campaign based around the first few (lightest) elements of the table. We hope it will inspire everyone to look up the periodic table and learn a little bit more. Because we always need more #stemgirls.