Top Tips for Op-Shop Shopping

Jammed clothing rack

It has taken me years to reconcile the fact that I can open a clothing store AND still be a good person!  

The fashion industry is in dire need of a shake up.  Less waste, less resources, more money going to the workers. I have managed to fix a few of these issues in my own fashion world, but one of the things YOU can do is buy less, and recycle & reuse more. Shop second-hand.

I love op-shop shopping but it can be demoralising trawling through smelly, jam-packed racks; so here are some quick top tips.

1) Go in with an open mind.

You may find something you were not looking for. You may be able to alter or dye something to suit your needs. I have leather dyed shoes. (painted)

2) Don’t buy for the sake of buying…

Thats how the fashion industry got into this mess!  If you don’t find something you like, then leave it for today.

3) Op-shop shopping is hit & miss

Don’t give up.  Op-shop shopping is unpredictable; sometimes you won’t find anything for months, all of a sudden you may buy two or three items in one go.  Just roll with it.

4) Only buy quality fabrics and brands

There is a reason designer garments are more expensive than high street brands. Better fabric, better construction, better design.  If you buy a cheaper brand, chances are you will get one or two wears before it looks terrible, and we’re back to the landfill scenario.  Stick with better brands using cotton, wool and silk. AVOID POLYESTER!

5) Choose your op-shop wisely

For best shopping choose good second-hand shops, or charity shops in affluent suburbs.

Yes - you have to pay a bit more, but remember; only buy quality and it’s still a lot cheaper than RRP.


Here are a few of my recent finds:
Acne Studio Taurus tan shoes

Acne Studio Taurus Shoes (love you!) 

Karen Walker Swing Pink Coat, second hand found by Lumen Clothing

Karen Walker Swing Coat

Cos jersey second hand found by Lumen Clothing

COS jersey

World Brand Trousers

World Cotton Trousers

Op shop shoes

B Coops high heels

My top picks for second-hand shops:

Hunters & Collectors


Recycle Boutique

PaperBag Princess

The Walk in Wardrobe

Encore Designer Recycle Boutique

Designer Wardrobe